from the On The Run tour during Forever Young
Mechanicsburg, PA 2012
Our Yeezus, Who art in L.A,  Hallowed be Thy lyrics  In Thy world of New Age creativity  Create for others as he would create for himself.  Give us this day your overwhelming confidence.  And forgive us our limitations,  as we forgive those who try to limit you.  And let us sanctify Yeezus so that  we are delivered from our media-based ignorance.  Amen.

Made a book with images like this, shrines I placed outside dedicated to Kanye / reworded the Our Father prayer. The second half of the semester was pretty cool.

Summer’s in the air and Baby, heaven’s in your eyes

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pairs, April 11th and 12th 2014

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via April 6 2014

the lights though

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Looking through old pictures of California. Only one more year until we head out there.

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2014 = friends and film

all of these little nothings are creating something

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Shaved off all my hair one week ago and it still surprises me every time i see myself

I’ve had Milo for almost two weeks now and it still gets me that he’s this tiny creature I’m responsible for. I feel like such a mom and I didn’t think I could love something the way I love him.

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Doing some double exposure stuff ya know. It’s making me really happy working with film again


its happening

#it’s been awhile since we’ve had a good apocalypse